Intranet for your organization

We have been focusing for several years on the construction of Intranet systems. These systems work on the basis of Concrete5 to which a few custom modules are added. The manager of the intranet system is extremely flexible with the structure of the underlying pages. Much can be decided later because with Concrete5 it is easy to choose from a different page layout or a different column layout. You manage your Intranet system as if it were a normal website.


What is an intranet?

You can communicate with your own colleagues within an intranet. Minutes, documents, agenda, announcements, photos and so on can all be shared on the Intranet. You can also choose who can see what. This can be per group or even per user. Users can be subdivided into self-determined groups, for example management, department A and department B.

Via the Intranet, your own employees / colleagues are kept informed of the ins and outs within your organization that are only important to them.

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