2mv website

The composite industry is an industry where the focus is mostly on technology; the properties of the material and what you can do with it. Or as Martijn Verwoerd himself says: “There are several good players who make beautiful products from composite. The strength of 2MV lies with the people, as a team and with the customers. Through the involvement, the passion to make beautiful things, the craftsmanship and the guidance, we make products that are successful. ”

2MV Composites is a strong link in the technical sector, so the color choice is not surprising; metallic hues. Clean lines and graphic solutions have been applied in the design of the logo and website, the total feeling radiates technology.

The website is made on the basis of Concrete5, a super easy system. Understandable for everyone and very accessible. If you also want to have a website made based on Concrete5, please Contact us!

Corporate identity

Complete new web design, including branding


Complete responsive website including dynamic portfolio


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