Bakery Bartels rebranding

For almost 100 years, Bakkerij Bartels has been the artisanal bakery for the wholesale and catering industry. The company was founded in Amsterdam in 1925 and delivers all kinds of products from pastry, bread, patisserie to savoury. 

Such an authentic company naturally requires a recognisable and unique corporate identity. And that is precisely why the corporate identity has been restyled, firstly to improve the image and secondly to create more recognisability. Important core values that the company has to radiate are authenticity, history, right of existence (100 years) and craftsmanship. A skyline has been sketched and designed in which these core values are represented: the craftsmanship is depicted by the mill, the corn cutters and the bread. In addition, several recognisable Amsterdam buildings are on display, emphasising the city's history and right of existence. You imagine yourself in 1925, when the Bartels bakers took their first step towards a successful business. The historical black and white photograph emphasises this feeling. In addition, icons have been added to emphasise the craftsmanship but also to modernise the design, along with authenticity. These core values are also reflected in the fonts.

Besides the website, it was also translated into a corporate identity manual, various printed materials and packaging for bread.

Curious about the result? Check out the website here!

icon design

Webdesign and logo & corporate identity design

Corporate identity

Design and realisation of printed matter


Complete responsive website.


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