Better Foar Letter branding

Better Foar Letter is an initiative and neighbourhood food cooperative founded in Menaldum (Menaam, Friesland). The association aims to stimulate the local and sustainable production of food. By doing so, they reduce transport costs and contribute to a shift towards sustainable food and farming systems.

We were asked to design a menu/flyer and website to launch 'the brand'. The logo was also partly designed with a fresh font. The design of the website and flyer is fresh, modern and accessible. Colours and elements in the design have the characteristics of sustainability, craftsmanship and rurality. The skyline of Menaam is also visible; a recognition for people in the area. Curious? Take a look at Or if you live near Menaam or in the Waadhoeke, order your delicious package of fresh and local products via the website by becoming a member of the cooperative! 

icon design

Webdesign and logo design

Corporate identity

Design and realisation of printed matter


Complete responsive website.


Hosting and domain name