Dave Bakker corporate identity

A properly functioning installation is safe, economical and contributes to a comfortable living and working environment. Dave Bakker gives installation advice for companies and private individuals.

We were asked to design a house style and logo. A business card, stationery, envelopes and a website. The house style had to have a friendly appearance. The concept of the logo is 'keep energy in hand'. You can interpret this in two ways. Both literally and figuratively. This concept has been incorporated into the logo. The house style is designed with fresh colours, modern fonts and colours based on nature and the environment. It is important to emphasise sustainability. Sustainability through installation advice will benefit the environment. The watermark in combination with the colours ensures recognition in the house style.

The website is still under development. Curious to see the result? Keep davebakkerinstallatieadvies.nl keep an eye on it!

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