Pompdirect website

Pompdirect is the supplier of pumps and mixers for the industry and for maintenance, repair and parts. On the new site you will find extensive information about pumps and mixers that they supply and maintain. Information about installing, repairing and supplying parts can also be found here.

Pump Immediately in a new jacket and with a creative url, namely: pomp.direct, .nl or .com is not necessary at all! Playful colors in a sleek design give this website a fresh look, with a clear overview of services in the first scroll, the Pomp Direct customer can easily navigate through the site.

The website is built up in the handy Concrete5 system, Impression specializes in the use of this system, the pages are easy to adjust and make up by the customer, do you want more information about the use of Concrete5? Take Contact us!

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New, refreshing website design


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