Nei Friesland!


Impression opens branch in Menaam Friesland

In addition to Enkhuizen, Impression now also has a branch in Friesland. Why? Because it's possible of course 😉 The building is a beautiful building from 1843 and until a few years ago was the town hall of the municipality of Menameradiel. 

The beautiful building is located in the village of Menaam, also known as Menaldum. The village is easily accessible via the A31 motorway. It is less than two kilometres from the motorway. Menaam lies just outside the city of Leeuwarden. Menaam has an excellent baker with the most delicious orange cake and sugar bread. (If you visit us; a must)

A new step

Friesland is not entirely unknown to Impression. We already have some client contacts but also want to grow in the region. The former town hall seems very suitable for that. It is a very spacious building where several people can work.

Of course, we also remain active at Molenweg 5 in Enkhuizen. If you want to come and have a look, you are very welcome.

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