Your logo, your identity...

What are you without a good logo?

A house style, every entrepreneur has broken his head about it. How do you want to put yourself and your company on the market? What do you want to radiate? Which direction do you send your customers and how do you communicate all your qualities and products in one small image?

Building a brand is not a child's play, it is a large, complex puzzle that will eventually lead to your powerful logo. The designers at Impression have made it their specialty to optimally visualize your brand, we convert your business plan into a successful and visually attractive whole. Do not forget that your company stands or falls with a powerful image, professionalism is accepted when everything looks to the last detail. When your corporate identity is completely complete and complete, you are totally satisfied and the picture is completely right, this jacket from your company is sacred. Adopting this style to all corners and holes will certainly give your company the boost you want to see.

Offline and online

A corporate identity naturally consists of your logo, your company name and any subtitle / company slogan. But in your house style we also record the choice of colors, fonts that are used there and in which way (size, italics, etc.) and icon use. In this way our designers put together a well-organized brand book for you and there is no longer any doubt about how your company communicates with the outside world.

In this century it is almost abnormal not to have an online department of your company. Don't be shocked: you don't have to have a huge webshop right away, but an online calling card is certainly important. Impression ensures that your company is easy to find (your website, but also your offline location such as an office or store) on Google, that your customers can easily reach you and obtain more information about your company.

Let's complete this building process for your brand. You have a good idea for your company, all business processes are completed, your house style is like a house, the logo is right, the chosen color palettes appeal to you and the atmosphere of your brand book fits well with your target group. From here we take two paths:

  • offline branding
  • online branding


So we put on your holy jacket with all the printed matter that your company needs, it goes without saying that business cards, letterheads, envelopes. But we can also implement your corporate identity on advertising material (flyers, brochures, gift vouchers, etc.), large printed matter (roll-up banners, flags, billboards, etc.), clothing and other textiles. You name it, anything is possible!


But we also go very far online, a super modern website, possibly with a shop, in your house style. We always develop your website suitable for every device, in a hip and fresh design that is suitable for your target group. As icing on the cake, our websites are always super easy to use, so you can also adjust texts and photos at any time! Modern, easy and visually appealing - that's what we stand for!


The online experience of your brand is of course not complete with just a website. The use of Social Media has grown so enormously, get in quickly before you miss this express train! With a sleek house style you can stand out on any Social Media channel. Consider well in advance what you want to radiate, keep it light and ensure that you use the same language at all times. Your customers want to see fun, new things. Our social media marketer can tell you everything about this, give useful tips and even take care of all your worries.

So building your brand has not just happened, it all starts with a clear vision. Conclusion: Once you have completed your corporate identity, do not deviate. Keep your brand strong.

Impression is happy to help you with your brand building!