New house style and website Gijs Kramer

Architectural firm Gijs Kramer is known for its uncompromising commitment to excellence in architectural design. With a focus on innovation, functionality and aesthetics, they have built a reputation as pioneers in the industry. Their projects range from sleek, modern homes to impressive commercial buildings that inspire both their surroundings and users.

As a proud partner of architecture firm Gijs Kramer, Impression had the pleasure of leading the creation of a new corporate identity and website for the firm. The aim was to develop a visual identity that reflects the essence of the agency: modern, purposeful and professional.

At the heart of this revamped identity is the unique logo, which subtly combines the firm's initials "G" and "K" into a powerful graphic element. This logo, with its clean lines and contemporary look, forms the core of the architectural firm's visual identity and serves as a recognisable symbol of their work.

We also created a website that fits seamlessly with the new corporate identity. With a minimalist design and user-friendly navigation, the website provides an overview of Architectenbureau Gijs Kramer's projects, highlighting the firm's inspiring designs and expertise. Through clear visuals and targeted content, visitors are invited to explore the firm's world and learn about their unique approach to architecture.

It was a real pleasure to collaborate with Architectenbureau Gijs Kramer on this exciting project. By working closely together and translating the firm's vision into a cohesive visual identity, we believe we have created a powerful statement that reflects the firm's reputation and craftsmanship. With this new corporate identity and website, Architectenbureau Gijs Kramer is poised to take their impressive work to new heights and make their mark on the architecture world.

Web design

Logo and house style design

Complete responsive website

Design and realisation of printed matter