Application and website for Verum

Verum is active in contract management, (inter)national (out)sourcing, consultancy, training & (financial) services for the Dutch high-tech and manufacturing industry. It supports and facilitates the participating manufacturing companies that participate in the Verum organisation. We were allowed to develop a new website and application for Verum. We are very proud of the result!

To make its services even more accessible and clear, Verum B.V. recently revamped its website. The new website is not only a digital business card, but also a functional platform specially designed to provide optimal support to the participating companies.

One of the unique aspects of the new website is that the application can only be accessed by participating companies within the Verum organisation. This ensures that all information and tools are specific and relevant to the member manufacturing companies. Companies access the website via a secure login, where they can use various applications and services.

Verum B.V.'s new website is not the end point, but an ongoing development. Impression will continue to work with Verum to optimise the website and add new functionalities based on user feedback. This ensures that the website always meets the changing needs of the high-tech and manufacturing industry.

As the application is closed to public users of the website, several preview images of the application can be seen on this page. Curious about the website?

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