Printed matter, printed matter and screen printing

We supply many types of printing. That can be different techniques such as offset printing, printing and screen printing. Every assignment has its own approach and procedure. Although we are not a printing company, we do supply printed matter which is purchased very cheaply from the various partners. You will see that the price is very favorable.

Corporate identity printing

Every company should have its own house style. Your own corporate identity is recognizable for the customer and therefore also inspires confidence. We are happy to take care of the corporate identity for your company. Thanks to good communication, we can always be proud of the end result for your corporate identity. Corporate identity printing often consists of stationery, envelopes and name cards. With the help of our partners we come to good prices for your house style printing without compromising on quality.

Promotional printing

Promotion work comes in all shapes and sizes. You can think of flyers in a5 format that you distribute in the city to banners that you see hanging over the road or billboards that stand along the road. But also posters, entrance tickets, stickers, newspapers, brochures and of course leaflets fall under promotional printing. Together with you we look at the possibilities and come up with the most diverse designs so that you always achieve a unique end result.

Special printing

Unlike normal, we do not turn our hand around and even like it! With special printing you can actually think of anything that has not been mentioned above. Napkins, felt mats, cutlery bags and door hangers for the hotel and catering industry, for example, and also pens, presents or other small products to hand out, for example. But the imprint of cars and trucks is not new to us. Give us a call or feel free to come and talk about the possibilities.

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