Search engine optimization (seo)

Where “in the past” the internet was important to present your company on the internet, nowadays we mainly look at whether your company can be found well by search engines. In fact, in the Netherlands we no longer talk about search engines but about Google. We are happy to help you with Website Optimization for search engines (SEO). Because of our technical background we not only give advice but we also adjust the necessary immediately!


Keyword research

The first question is always: Why do you want to be found? Do you want to sell more or just want to be seen? Based on this science we can determine what important keywords are. These keywords will be guiding throughout the SEO process but also possibly for the SEA. Keywords do not necessarily have to be one word but can also consist of keyword groups.

Research google analytics

To know well where your visitors are entering your website and especially where they drop out, we use the current Google Analytics statistics. Through an extensive analysis we look at the strengths and weaknesses of your website and it is clear to us what we should focus on to improve your site.

seo magnifier

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Google is a progressive company and therefore continues to update its requirements / wishes for a website. The goal of Google is to achieve the best possible and most relevant search result. Our goal is to be displayed within these good and relevant search results. We do this in three different ways:

HTML Source Code

Probably a big abracadabra for you, for our daily crust. We take a closer look at your current website, look at the structure of your html source code and make changes where necessary to meet the wishes of Google.


Texts are analyzed and corrected / rewritten. This way you achieve better findability at Google while the texts remain legible. The results from the keyword research will play a leading role here.


To improve your findability at Google, we also look at the URL structure and the sitemap, among other things. With the help of Google Webmaster tools, we look at the website through Google glasses and see where improvements are needed for a better search result.

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