GC Broekpolder info folder

In Broekpolder Health Centre, various care providers work together under one roof! What unites us in our work is that we try to improve the lives of our clients/patients in different areas. We focus on physical, personal and social aspects of life and pay much attention to exercise, lifestyle and prevention.

We were asked to create a new A4 leaflet with a front and back for Healthy Young, a partnership for young people. The brochure had to have a fresh, fun and accessible look. The target group was mainly young families/parents/ primary schools/ colleague referrers (general practitioners). The information therefore had to be presented in a creative and pleasantly readable way. 

The concept:
A folded A4 size brochure was chosen, mainly because of the amount of information so that it is pleasant to read. In addition, the front must first attract attention, after which readers become curious and want to read more. A clear and attention-grabbing title was chosen here. The various disciplines are represented by little kites that emerge from the core. The kite is part of the house style and has been added creatively in an abstract form. The core represents the logo in terms of colours and style and it has the shape of a flower. Why a flower? Young people blossom with the partnership 'Gezond Jong'. The folder has become a nice result where the target group is informed in a pleasant way!

Corporate identity

an original design for an information leaflet