Enkhuizen Buys 2017


The new EnkhuizenBoeit magazine has arrived! The magazine that informs tourists in Enkhuizen about restaurants, hotels, ports and tourist attractions has been given a new graphic twist. For the 2017 edition, new photos have been made, new stories have been written and the magazine has been made fully up-to-date again.
The EnkhuizenBoeit magazine is distributed door-to-door in the surroundings of Enkhuizen and is available at the VVV tourist office. This informative magazine provides insight into all sights of Enkhuizen and the surrounding area. For example, a restaurant guide has been included in which all of Enkhuizen's restaurants are described in detail. With the handy map, all sights can be found quickly and easily.

Impression has designed the graphic design of the EnkhuizenBoeit magazine and, over the years, has further developed it into the most beautiful magazine of the Enkhuizen tourist resort.